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3 Reasons why You Need To Hire an Interior Designer?

Reasons why You Need To Hire an Interior Designer

The primary thought that crosses our mind when we consider redesigning our space is why procure an interior designer and cause more cost when we’re outfitted with the capacity to arrange on the web and there’s a mess of guidance found in wealth?’ But we should recall that they are the specialists, the ones who comprehend what’s best for our homes and we should believe them in doing what we just figure we can do.

An interior designer won’t just give the masterful arrangements that you may never have envisioned at the same time, will likewise put his/her thoughtfulness regarding the most minor points of interest that will change your space into a radiant abode.

Some projects like Shapoorji Mumbai Dreams Floor Plans ensures you get the best interiors as per your choice and budget.


Creating a story

Interior designers invest years preparing to do what they do. Nobody can simply choose to be an interior designer with no earlier preparation. While settling on a stylistic theme style and proposing what will best suit your space the creator can give an entire visual story and influence you to comprehend your space before beginning the work. This will give you a clear picture of what’s in store even before the work starts. Without an interior designer, you won’t know where to begin and where to end. In this way, the final product may be entirely unexpected from what you imagined.

Acquiring the best deals

Have you at any point seen and purchased this stunning household item that you’ve immediately begun to look all starry eyed at and afterward observed it is too huge for your room? An originator will guarantee this does not occur. She/he will have a distinct thought on where to get the best arrangements that aren’t just sensibly estimated yet, in addition, fits in with your stylistic theme style. This will spare a considerable measure of your stresses as you won’t need to mess with managing sellers and understanding the necessities.

Space Utilization

Interior designers invest years idealizing their art. This makes them mindful of each and every detail that should be taken a gander at when planning a space. They are prepared to take a gander at a space inventively and spatially and focus on everything from the positions of lights to furniture. They know which part of the room ought to be focused on and will acquire that additional wow factor around there as it were.

The expert will plan the whole space in such a way, to the point that moving starting with one place then onto the next won’t give you the feeling of going into an alternate zone. The whole outline will weave together and fit as a fiddle, where each room will be an expansion of the primary subject. The outline examples’ reiteration, movement, and the progress would be consistent while guaranteeing the arrangement of articles in the outwardly adjusted way.


Envision a golf course in your own particular terrace where you could sink a chip shot from your porch into the delicate moving greens, far from the frenzied hordes of the city you live in. Sounds like a fantasy? This desire of having a ‘home-far from home’ represents the present major residential realty trend among urban Indians searching for a lucrative venture alternative as a safe house in their most loved holiday destination or even a place simply outside the city they live in.

In India, the term ‘luxury’ is regularly misused by private venture designers, as should be obvious relatively consistently venture being named as a ‘luxury venture’, while all they offer are essential conveniences. However, properties like Shapoorji Mumbai Dreams are re-defining the term ‘luxury’. In this way, before getting into the nitty-gritty of the whole ‘luxury’ situation in India, let us initially characterize what precisely groups as a ‘luxury’ property.


Location - luxury houses

An extravagance property is found near the core of the city or critical vacation places. Likewise, it should boast of a great connectivity to the city. The physical foundation of the territory ought to be portrayed with the nearness of wide streets with less or no activity issues.


It is an imperative piece of any luxury home. For a property to be marked as an extravagance home, it should be no less than a 3Bhk with connected washrooms and galleries in each room. Furthermore, as indicated by this run, a 1 or 2Bhk private unit howsoever huge it may be, can’t meet all requirements for the luxury tag. A vast corridor, a lounge area and abroad kitchen shape an indispensable piece of the whole setup. A storeroom and servant’s room is a current expansion to a sumptuous private unit.


It might not sound a vital component but rather in fact talking, it is extremely essential to decide if a property is ‘luxury’ or not. The floor-to-ceiling height for a ‘luxury’ habitation ought to be in excess of 12 feet. Whatever be alternate facilities offered if this detail is not met, at that point the ‘luxury’ segment of the living arrangement won’t be satisfied.


Improved, best in class present-day security offices ought to be introduced in the house. Other than human security as round-the-clock security workforce, electronic surveillance units ought to be introduced in every single corner of the property.


Luxury includes some significant pitfalls and it is not modest, yet the costs in Pune are lower than Mumbai and Delhi. The extravagance homes in Pune are generally 3bhk or 4bhk and they cost around INR 1 crore- INR 3 crores, and the rentals extend from INR 50,000 – INR 1 lakh for each month, which exclude maintenance charges on account of flats and estates. The yearly rate of valuation for these houses runs between 3% – 7%.

Owning an extravagance home is the fantasy of each individual and it isn’t simply a materialistic trifle. In spite of the fact that status assumes an essential part of it, it is more about getting a comfort zone out of the considerable number of solaces that you could consider in your home.

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Investing In The Real Estate Property

Investing in the real estate is a tough decision and also the most important one. It is a decision for a lifetime investment. For the 1st time buyers, it becomes more difficult to take the decision. A dilemma is created in the minds of buyers due to the availability of a large number of options. Also, there is much competition in the real estate market. The selection of the better amongst the best becomes even more difficult due to numerous best choices available in the real estate market.

Say, you are looking for an apartment in an area named Mulund which is a suburb in north-east of Mumbai, Maharashtra. You will find many options in the area but the best one would be Shapoorji Mumbai Dreams. The project offers 1bhk, 2bhk and 3bhk apartments and has come up with 6 residential towers. The project has a numerous variety of amenities. Also, the project has a great advantage of its excellent location. It provides an easy commuting channel around the city. But before investing in any project, even in the best one, you need to avoid some things.

Follow these steps so that the unavoidable mistakes cannot be committed.


Think about your needs

The very first step is to think about your needs. You should look after your requirements. Think whether it is the right time to make such a big investment in buying a house. Give a thought to the needs of your family. Check your bank accounts and find that do you have enough savings to invest, or you need to take up a loan. You must be sure and clear about your decision.

Research on the area

This is a very important step. You must pay attention to the location, type of locality, connectivity with schools, hospitals, airport etc, and reputation of the builder. Check whether the house is in flood and earthquake-prone area. Look whether the house fits you according to your needs. Do research on how the property rates of the house will change in future, whether it would become an investment? Whether the house will have any resell value? Do have an allover research on the property you are going to invest in.  

Consultation is important

You should definitely discuss your plans with others. Consult your friends, neighbours, relatives as well as various sellers. If you are still not sure, go to a consultant who can give you a professional advice regarding the real estate. Ensure discussing the loan strategies and fix your investment boundaries.

Check your credit score status

Do not make a bad financial decision. Due to bad financing, you may lose your dream investment. The buyer should confirm his credit score from the bank. If you have not paid the earlier loans, the bank will not lend money to you for any further investment. It is advised to clear all the pending loans to make a stress free investment.

Understanding how debt works

The most common transaction made by buyers in real estate is taking a loan with an initial down payment. A person investing for the first time may pull off a higher loan debt that will result in large payments. A person should make returns by obtaining a debt at lower interest with a larger down payment.

The process of investing in real estate is really complicated. Don’t make any carelessness and follow the things discussed above sincerely.

Your Search Ends Here: Shapoorji Pallonji Mumbai Dreams Launching


Mumbai is one of the dream destinations in India; hence, many have plans to settle down in the city with a convenient home at their disposal. Shapoorji Pallonji Mumbai Dreams surely a lucrative solution for that Must await luxury residential project of shapoorji Developers in Mulund, Mumbai.

 For those who really wait for the golden chance of obtaining a property in the posh areas of the city, this project is undoubtedly the ideal one. There will be 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments but features of the township will make the members live a life of grand scale. Grand entrance, huge parking space, great walkways, big corridor, fast lifts and prompt housekeeping services will make the project a special one in this area.

This new residential project will be launched by Shapoorji Pallonji which is situated in Mulund, Mumbai.

About the project:

This  Project is spreading over 3 acres of land. In case you’re moving to apartments at Mulund, it has extraordinary potential and wonderful method for living in Mulund.

As Mulund is well-connected to Central suburbs as well as Western suburbs of Mumbai. In addition to this, there are many lucrative deals in the real estate and the assurance of a quality lifestyle which Mulund offers.


Shapoorji Pallonji Mumbai Dreams Floor Plans are designed in such a way that each Flat have great daylight and air. The outline is such that every one of the rooms in each floor design of. This design is according to Vastu and entry and exit of every flat is in good directions. Likewise, One Covered Car Parking is furnished with each Flat in this residential apartment

Shapouri Mumbai Dreams provides amenities like 24-hour water and power reinforcement, basketball court, exercise center, clubhouse, intercom, park and play area, security with cutting-edge wellbeing measures, tennis and badminton court, wifi and broadband web, library, healthcare offices, water harvesting, Olympic size swimming pool, bank/atm and, cafeteria.

Shapoorji Pallonji Mumbai Dreams will offer an affordable and comfortable shelter for a healthy and happy living, only the sort of life that one wishes for.

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Shapoorji Pallonji Mumbai Dreams located in Mulund is a suburb in the north-eastern part of the financial capital of India. Divided in two distinct localities i.e. Mulund East and Mulund West, this locality has very good rail and road connectivity.

Mulund has many reputed educational institutes, social infrastructures and hospitals in its vicinity. Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport is at a distance of around 15 km from the western part of Mulund. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Railway terminal is around 32 km away from this brilliant suburb of Mumbai. There are several proposed roads currently under the pipeline like Goregaon-Mulund Link Road (GMLR) which will connect Jogeshwari- Link Road (JVLR). Thus the stretch connecting Aarey Colony to Powai, Mulund and Vikhroli will aid residents tremendously.